Home Trends 2021

Home Trends 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing well into 2021, our homes are the center stage of our lives not just for typical at home activities, but also for telecommute working, remote school learning, Zoom meetings, staycations, and desperately needed relaxation. Which home trends and projects can help renovate and rejuvenate our spaces to make the most of every room?

What Homes Need in 2021

To cope with the changing needs of more at-home time and tasks that need to be done at home instead of at work or school, our homes need updating and practical spaces. The top needs for homes in 2021 include…

  • Abundant office and study space
  • Better connectivity for streaming videos and meetings
  • Individual spaces for privacy and destressing
  • Abundant natural light
  • Increased storage and organization

Every family has different needs and preferences, and will need different projects to meet those needs.

Top Home Trends in 2021

There are many different trends for home renovations, updates, and projects in 2021, each of which strive to meet the changing needs of our families and living spaces. Which of these trends will be best for your home and family?

  • Decluttering
    With space in demand in 2021, decluttering is the first step toward many home projects and practical trends. Yard sales and donating items to charity can help clear out clutter, and adding a new closet, custom bookshelf, entryway coat hooks, or organization space can make home storage more efficient to keep everything where it belongs.

  • Office and Classroom Space
    With remote learning and homeschooling continuing in 2021, as well as office telecommuting, flextime, and working from home, adequate office and home classroom space is a must. Converting a guest bedroom is one option, or if space is more limited, create “cloffice” spaces from closets or bookshelves can provide practical workstations.

  • Large Tables
    If a large office isn’t feasible, a large dining table can serve not only for family meals, but also as an impromptu shared office space for different family members. Large tables are also versatile for family game nights, craft projects, laundry folding, and other tasks that keep the household running smoothly.

  • Extra Seating
    If there may not be room for a large dining table, creating smaller seating niches can be equally efficient to provide practical, usable space throughout the home. Window seats, entry benches, garden seating, hanging seats, and other options are great choices to give everyone some selection for where to read, study, or work.

  • Better Connectivity
    Upgraded internet service is essential for online learning, Zoom meetings, and streaming services, all of which have become more prominent in 2021. Consulting internet service providers can provide some upgrades, and adding new outlets and dedicated charging stations in popular rooms can keep everyone connected, wherever they are at home.

  • Improved Durability
    Because we’re spending more time at home and doing more there, durability is necessary to keep our homes in the best condition. Washable paint, slipcovers, or rugs are great options that are easy to keep clean and looking new. If appliances need to be replaced, choose finishes that resist fingerprints, and be sure they’re energy efficient as well.

  • Bold Colors
    Bold colors add a pop of personality to different rooms. This can be done by painting accent walls, trim, doors, or wooden furniture, or fun wallpaper can be a great way to add instant distinction to any room. Boldly colored furniture, throw blankets, or throw pillows are other ways to quickly add favorite colors and style to a room.

  • Upcycled Style
    Thrift store finds and upcycled furniture are not only great for sustainability, they are more economical in uncertain times. This style is coined “grandmillennial” as it is reminiscent of the style that might be found in a beloved grandmother’s home, and incorporating cherished family pieces makes this trend even more meaningful.

  • Outdoor Living Spaces
    Turning a basic deck or patio into a more useful, welcoming space helps expand a home’s square footage and gives everyone room to spread out at home. A cozy firepit, yoga or meditation retreat, outdoor game station, relaxing hammock, or new screen porch are a just a few ideas that can add more living space outside.

  • Upgraded Lighting
    With frequent online meetings not just for work, but also for family gatherings and special events, good lighting to show your best digital presence to the world is essential. Upgraded lighting can also brighten rooms and relieve a sense of isolation or depression. Choose fun lights for fun spaces as well, such as café lights on a deck or neon in a game room.

  • Broad Windows
    Bringing more natural light to different rooms can not only brighten the space, but make it seem larger and more welcoming. This is especially true in smaller rooms, or during the winter months when sunlight is at a premium. Adding new windows or skylights or enlarging existing ones are both options, and removing bulky window coverings will maximize light.

  • Houseplants
    Bringing nature inside offers many benefits, from cleaner air and reduced allergens to improved concentration, better productivity, and reduced stress. Choose plants that are pet- or kid-friendly if necessary, and opt for plants that will thrive in indoor conditions. Windowsill herb gardens can be a tasty option, or even indoor fruit trees are possible.

  • Edible Gardens
    If your green thumb extends to outdoor gardening, an edible garden is a frugal and productive option in 2021 as grocery prices rise and the economy struggles. A basic vegetable garden is easy to plan, or a berry patch can provide fresh fruit. Even large containers can become salad gardens or home to a few choice plants for homegrown produce.

  • Luxury Retreats
    Turning one room into the ultimate luxury retreat can make all the difference in how restful and rejuvenating a home can be. Try a bathroom renovation with a jetted tub and oversized towels, a bedroom upgrade with a new mattress and sheets, or a kitchen renovation with gourmet appliances and new countertops, depending on which room speaks to your luxury desires.

  • Joy
    Any project that brings joy to the home is a good trend for 2021. This may mean printing and framing favorite family photos to create a gallery wall of memories, theming a family room for a favorite sports team or pastime, or using favorite colors and other decorative objects as focal points to bring happiness to the space.

Your Best Home Trend This Year

Ultimately, any project that will help you make the most of all your home’s spaces and possibilities is a great trend for 2021. It might be a simple, practical update, a necessary project you’ve been putting off, or a fun renovation that will make the space feel new, but so long as it is something you want to do with your home, it will be a great choice for your home and family.